Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Sun Was Out Today by Carrie

The sun was out today.

With overcast clouds scattered all around
And a chance of rain could easily be found
The sun would peek out to those on the ground
And make me stop and smile

The sun was out today

Despite a sky of misery and gloom
With certain traces of impending doom
The glimpsing sun would shine and I'd begin to swoon
And think about what can be.

The sun was out today.

While others saw an ugly and unwelcoming sky
I stood outside and could not understand why
When I found it so beautiful watching the birds glide and fly
On this beautiful autumn morn.

The sun was out today.

With the occasional peek of the warming sun
I was filled with emotions that have just begun
To help me understand that I may just be the one
Shining my own warm light

The sun was out today…

And it showed me the happiness to be found.

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