Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Crimson Climax by Alain Ortega

The climax of my story
At the height of it all
I wonder what I'm still doing here
Why am I waiting just to fall?

Ive never been certain of what drives me
Ive never been certain of who I want to be
Ive never been certain of much
But what I know is what I need

Ive lost many people I love
Ive run from those who care
But here I am still moving on
Not really knowing what is there

Dye me crimson
Cover me in blood
I'm still moving on
Still thinking I'll never be gone

The climax of my story
Too many things run through my head
Why am I still here while those I love, some are dead
At the height of it all here I am still waiting, waiting just to fall

I was told life is a circle
I wrote about it
I was told life never makes sense
I thought about it

Its really true though
Life won't make sense
Almost like this poem
In my head it won't ever rest

I'll go over and over
Not knowing how I strayed
It annoys me
And still it will never change

Things are done for a reason
God makes it that way
He shows us what's wrong
But lets us make the mistakes

So at the climax of my story
Still here I stand
Not knowing what to do
Not knowing who I am

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  1. Just found your blog. I like your poems. I can relate