Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dizzy From My Words by Alexandra Ortegon

Miserable last haven trips
Slowly valuable life died
Laughs gravely heard
Unfair long loves fell like haze
Old dreaded fears reemerge
Fifteen days of passion gone
Faster than a lit cigarette left alone in the raging wind
They say stability is not your style
Yet with your beautiful mind and dark addictions you don’t care
The sound of dying
The fear of trusting reality
It’s a playground of death and despair
In the depths of my personal hell
While purple glitter multi-colored tears run down her face
Following a candy coated smile
They live in a bright dark happy sad emotional place
Aching pain and bloody tears
Memories dangling like razors tearing my flesh
Lies spill from your tongue like venom
That I happily drink up
Like a puppet doll wrapped in unbreakable string
You are the actor and I am your stage
So take your bow and walk away

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