Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Child by Doodles

The black is endless.
The sunlight, a forgotten friend.
Lost in a chasm so deep,
the echoes of the anguished wails provide the only hint of what was.

Innocence lies a lifetime away.
The wonder of a leaf's intricacies.
The exuberance of lightning bugs aglow on a Summer's eve.
Gone now, blown to the heavens by the ebony storm clouds
that descended and blanketed a realm of endless imaginings.

The wailings never cease,
the anguish insatiable in its hunger.
How is a child to understand?
A mind so simple, so tortured.

There are lessons to be learned.
There is Karma to be repaired.
There is a way to the universe
that reveals a method to the madness.

But a child's eyes don't see a loving God
when drowned in darkness.
They only ask why,
a single word between the wails,
swallowed up, one and all,
by the eternal dark

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