Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lost in the Wind by Karen Martin

You were so charming in the beginning,

I had no idea how you would harm me in the end.

You caused me so much pain,

You tried to make me go insane.

You once said you saw me as an object, not a person.

What was the purpose? I am a person.

You kept me locked in a cage, away from the world,

You had so much rage within, I just wanted it to end.

You put me in a box until it was time to play,

You always thought I'd stay, but I finally got away.

Away from all of your games and all of the pain.

You did not win in the end.

You now just a memory lost in the wind,

Never to return again.

The clouds have since cleared and the rain has ended.

I've have found my home, where I belong.

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